China is on fire again, a lot of Chinese goods are rushing to Europe, the West: Chinese New Year holiday is coming

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As the Spring Festival is approaching, many migrant workers in our country also start to return home, and many factories have stopped production. However, many countries in Europe are buying a large number of products from our country at this time, and they say: China is going to celebrate the Spring Festival soon, and they can not buy Chinese products at that time.

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Orders from China have soared

Recently there are many companies in Europe suddenly out of China’s imports of goods and the supplies mainly masks, protective clothing, and other products, according to statistics, in Europe this year from China’s purchases of goods than the same period last year rose 50%, visible, Europe has finally attach importance to it, in China the Spring Festival approaching, our country a large number of migrant workers returning home, there are a lot of companies will appear insufficient output even shut the door.

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European countries in advance to realize this kind of situation, decided to buy goods in China before the Spring Festival, in the first half of 2020, European countries from China purchased the 14 billion euros, originally, Germany is in his own country established many mask processing plants, subsidies for these enterprises, the purpose is to avoid excessive dependence on China’s mask, however, with the repeated outbreaks of health event, Germany is also support not to live.

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Made in China and sold to the world

Germany’s situation is not optimistic, was going to support some their country’s mask manufacturers, however, these companies are not withstand the blow, there were no longer the last, Germany to see this kind of situation, simply choose cooperation with Chinese enterprises, China’s production of mask caused the European competition, the main reason is the production of inexpensive products.

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Ten people in the United States, go to the mall shopping have nine people will choose to purchase the products in our country, the American people cannot leave the made in China, and made in China in the world how heavy, account for the location of the our country make a mask can sell for 0.05 euros in Europe, breathing machine, protective clothing, and other products are cheaper than those made in other countries in half, so, in the European market in China is also is constantly expanding.

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In order to make more profits, many European businessmen choose to come to China at this time, hoping to cooperate with Chinese enterprises. Chinese enterprises welcome their arrival very much, after all, when they bring profits to them, Chinese enterprises will also earn profits.

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Also for the outside workers to increase the business, before the year can get a bonus, and then happy to go home for the New Year, however, hope this year will not appear in previous years, so that the Chinese people in peace of mind for the New Year, at the same time, in order to be in case, or hope that the Spring Festival home for the New Year’s friends to prepare in advance.What do you think about that?

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