In those days when you couldn’t do without a mask

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At the start of 2020, we were hit hard by a sudden outbreak.The Spring Festival holiday has been extended and the outside world has been quiet.However, people at home are not “free”, they have gathered their wisdom of life, mineral water bottles, plastic raincoats, swimming goggles, and even fruit skins into protective masks, masks.Regardless of the protective effect, the determination and faith shown by the people’s homemade masks are turning into a solid shield, a weapon we can use to win the battle against the epidemic.

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The sight of these homemade protective tools may at first seem a little funny, but then you reveal a little frustration and heartbreak.At this special time in the fight against the epidemic, protecting yourself is protecting others.Our company suggests that if conditions permit, everyone can use a regular mask for protection, but the most important thing is to try not to go out, go less, do not go to places where people gather, and wash their hands frequently.At the moment, “staying at home” is the most warm and silent support we ordinary people can do.

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If you encounter some necessary travel, please be sure to wear a mask, take protective measures.In fact, masks not only protect against harmful substances such as germs and dust, but also have other useful uses.For example, in the hands of the designer, the mask has become a carrier of fashion creativity.

The masks, which are printed with the word “AIR” and a pattern of ink and flowers, are a unique design by the designer to highlight the concept of environmental protection.

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The combination of mask and national fashion is unique. Being different and pursuing self highlights the life attitude of young people today. It has become one of the most popular fashion items.

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In international shows, masks have become the finishing touch. The design of masks has become more unrestrained, delicate and interesting, and has gradually evolved into a “masked fashion” that highlights the artistic atmosphere and strengthens the expression of concepts.

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In retrospect, people were just as creative as designers.In order to be able to effectively play a protective role, how to choose and use a mask is very important.




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