Japan has created a face mask that “no face” at all

Full Mask Blanc 1.webp

In 2021, the shortage of masks will have been solved.

When basic needs are met, people start inventing new things. In a society that likes to reinvent, a Japanese company has reinvented the face mask.

When you look at the picture below, you will think of these, what are the oval objects of various colors?
Like marinated eggs, ninja masks, high-tech helmets, anime series role-playing helmets……

Full Mask Blanc 2

In fact, a team of Japanese entrepreneurs, product designers and personal protective equipment experts have come together to create Blanc, a full-cover mask that not only protects, but also has an unusual shape that looks like a mask.

Full Mask Blanc 3

According to the authorities, the Blanc features a specially designed cushion that fits close to the face.

So when you wear it, external air only passes through these filters, and they clean it up in real time before it reaches your nose and mouth.

Pollen, dust mites, bacteria and viruses are kept out, making sure that every breath you take is clean and non-toxic!

Full Mask Blanc 4

Each set of filters normally provides up to 14 days of protection, and a built-in color scale will alert you if you need to replace it.

Unlike normal masks, the Blanc mask has a unique design with egg-shaped and opaque black stripes on the front, as well as colors like white, black, red, yellow, green, pink and leopard print, which can be quite funny at times.

The panels can be customized with any material, color, and texture, and can be replaced, and they are gently fixed to the mask frame by magnets.

Full Mask Blanc 5

Overall USES a modular design, can according to the characteristics of the face and head and adjust, masks consists of two vertical symmetrical parts, they are folded together, do a simple “wash a face with the palm action, can put on a mask, midline together by magnets, and telescopic rubber strip units fixed as a mask.

Full Mask Blanc 6.webp

Also, the entire front panel is replaceable, which is designed to meet individual needs and can be easily removed and replaced in just a few seconds.

Full Mask Blanc 7

The mask is also designed with a Bluetooth headset and a voice modulation button, and smart modules such as AR can be added later to make it more powerful.

As a protective mask, the Blanc is no less protective and comes with 2 sets of removable and replaceable HEPA filters.

HEPA is a special form of mechanical air filter that passes air through multiple layers of fine mesh microfibers, which trap 99.7 percent of harmful particles such as smoke, dust, bacteria and other pollutants.

Full Mask Blanc 8.webp

Ergonomic design allows the mask to tightly embrace the face, close to the face, to ensure air tightness, so as to effectively filter harmful substances.

It can be said that as a mask, it is extremely thoughtful in every aspect.

Full Mask Blanc 9

Of course, that’s not enough on its own to make Blanc so popular.

What really made it popular was the full-face look.

In addition to dust and virus prevention, this thing can also be effective “shading” ah!When you put it on, people can’t see your face at all.

Full Mask Blanc 10

You can still read books, watch movies and look at cute guys and girls freely without anyone realizing you’re looking at them…

Full Mask Blanc 11.webp

I think it’s because of this “invisibility” that it gets so many people’s attention…

Full Mask Blanc 12.webp

It is currently crowdfunding on Kickstarter.

The 8,200 yen (514 yuan) price is expected to be available in 2021, and will add voice change, Bluetooth connectivity, climate control, head-up display, augmented reality and more.

Although the original goal of the project sponsors was only $20,000, with 33 days to go before the deadline, more than $280,000 has been raised!
This shows its popularity ~




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