Visited the production workshop of germ-killing masks in Henan province with a daily output of 5 million

Extinguishing Germs Type Mask 1

Recently, a medical equipment company in Henan released a new type of mask containing quaternary ammonium salt, which can filter viruses and bacteria, and also further inactivate the mask to avoid secondary pollution.

My colleagues and I visited the production workshop of the company Tuoren Group on September 9th. The production equipment in the meltblown cloth and mask generating workshop was running continuously, and workers in protective suits were packing and sealing the masks containing quaternary ammonium salt.The person in charge of the workshop said the 2.5 million masks being packaged were foreign trade orders.

Extinguishing Germs Type Mask 2
A sterile workshop where masks are produced

According to the introduction, the new type of mask containing quaternary ammonium salt mainly uses the melt-blown cloth containing quaternary ammonium salt independently developed by the enterprise, which is a non-medical product.The international certification body SGS test report shows that the mask containing quaternary ammonium salt melt spray cloth has the function of bacteria inhibition and virus inactivating, the killing rate is equal to or greater than 99%.

Extinguishing Germs Type Mask 3
In the aseptic workshop, workers encapsulate masks produced

Wuhan University polymer material doctor Wang Guofeng introduced this mask to reporters to kill the principle of germs.Wang Guofeng said that the mask is the use of the middle melt spray cloth to filter the bacteria and viruses outside, but only play an adsorption effect, adsorption to the above bacteria and viruses are alive, and the antibacterial and antiviral mask inside, added to kill bacteria and viruses of the antimicrobial agent.”Bacteria and viruses attach to the meltblown cloth, and the antimicrobial agent kills them, simply by destroying their cell walls and making them biologically inactivated.”

Extinguishing Germs Type Mask 4
Workers pack the wrapped masks into boxes

We learned that, based on the company’s own technical accumulation, the research and development cycle of the bacteria-killing mask containing quaternary ammonium salt is relatively short, only about 4 months.At present, Tuoren Group’s meltspray cloth containing quaternary ammonium salt can produce more than 5 tons per day, which is equivalent to producing 5 million quaternary ammonium salt containing bacteria-killing masks per day.




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